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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Open Comment Game #1 -- SultanPepper vs. rabbitboy84

I think all who participated (players and spectators alike) enjoyed the open comment game. We plan on having more.  A few things to note:
  • It took longer than I expected. We will have to allot more time for the next game. I had assumed since most of the tournament games with commentary were an hour or less, that we could get by with that same time frame. I did not take into account that because each move was being discussed by the players, instead of just the audience, we were busy typing and not progressing through the game. I think we barely made it into the mid-game since there was a capture and a Tak. But, we could have easily gone another hour. So, we could perhaps pick up the same game and break it up that way if 2 consecutive hours is too long for most viewers.
  • I would like to move it to a streaming platform with audio (and visual overlays) once the initial kinks are worked out. I think this would offer something more informative and interesting to the viewers, especially those that are not overly familiar with the basic/intermediate strategies and taktics.
  • If we could bring in someone with bot access/know-how, it might help to have that input on what a computer would do differently.  More fuel for discussion is always a good thing!

So, overall, I think it was a good first foray into the Open Comment style. I would certainly like your input on how it went and the future potential of this style.

Thanks again to all who participated today!

Here is a link to the game started today: 

And here is the commentary to go along with it:


rabbitboy84: Ok Sultan...I have about an hour. size 5 or 6?
SultanPepper: 6
rabbitboy84: Ok; it's up.
Syme: Why corners?
Abyss: Are you doing this on Discord somewhere?
Abyss: Shaddup Syme.
SultanPepper: Just text chat right now
Syme: :D
rabbitboy84: Not for this one. I have no access to Discord at work.
Abyss: Ah I see.
Abyss: That does restrict things a bit more, but I think this will be a good, say "warm up" for future endeavors.
rabbitboy84: That's the idea. See if it works at all and what we can do differently.
rabbitboy84: Was debating between that and e2.
Abyss: This is the standard move here, probably for a reason.
SultanPepper: nah, after e2, I can just play e3 or d2
SultanPepper: I like 3/4. Cd2 for black sometimes.
SultanPepper: 4. but as white, I'll just crawl on D until black does somethinhg to stop me.
rabbitboy84: Agreed.
rabbitboy84: And I'm just trying to stay relevant to that threat unless you change direction.
Abyss: So here I guess the only options are to challenge via either d2 or e3.
rabbitboy84: I was thinking e3 or Ce3.
Abyss: Because the longer this goes on the less I like black.
timerot: I like the early cap as black
Abyss: But of course white will be inclined to respond on 5 and 6 instead.
SultanPepper: After black 4 C/e3, I'd switch directions and play c5
rabbitboy84: Problem with Ce3 is that he can easily change directions.
timerot: Cc5?
rabbitboy84: What he said.
SultanPepper: Looks like we're preaching to the choir
rabbitboy84: Now Sultan can either push to force me to capture or change directions.
rabbitboy84: Or both...d2?
SultanPepper: I like forcing people to capture
rabbitboy84: It usually has good consequences for you later in the game :)
rabbitboy84: I know that's an early wall.
SultanPepper: It might be worth it.
rabbitboy84: You were looking pretty strong in that corner.
rabbitboy84: And the problem with continuing to flat is that you will have the upper hand.
SultanPepper: In my mind, the only way you get out of this situation is by making a couple of moves that reduce my tempo lead.
rabbitboy84: I'm thinking early cap capture.
rabbitboy84: Or e4.
SultanPepper: e4 followed by c5>, d5- is ok
timerot: I was thinking somewhere around a2/b2/b3 to build vertical pressure, but I'm not sure if that's enough pressure to matter
rabbitboy84: That would be the sequence I was looking at.
SultanPepper: but it takes a while to do
rabbitboy84: True.
SultanPepper: Ya, the vertical threat is definitely a good option.
rabbitboy84: The problem is tempo. I have none...4 right now.
rabbitboy84: And Sultan has 2.
SultanPepper: It has the plus of stopping me from building a horizontal threat easily.
Syme: Don't really like the position of the white cap
rabbitboy84: c3> cuts the road and tempo.
rabbitboy84: But seems temporary to me.
rabbitboy84: You can respond with c3 and not miss a beat.
SultanPepper: yep
Syme: the cap is good to keep a hold on a vertical thread by going up though
Syme: After e3 for instance
SultanPepper: I like d1 here, then swinging to an EW threat
Syme: Yeah
rabbitboy84: As discussed before, a slow response, but a planned one.
SultanPepper: hmm, so b2 or e1
rabbitboy84: e1 in my opinion is stronger.
Syme: This is also slowly setting up some e/w thread for black
SultanPepper: I don't want you taking b2, so b2 looks like the more long term option
rabbitboy84: My initial thought is to Se1.
rabbitboy84: I have a gut reaction to wall...not a rational one.
timerot: e3 is a pretty good counter to Se1
SultanPepper: e1 is a square where a flat is just fine
SultanPepper: The e2 walls defends the e1 flat
Syme: ^
timerot: ^
rabbitboy84: My 2nd gut reaction is to d5-.
rabbitboy84: To give my cap some reach.
rabbitboy84: But I'm behind enough on flats as it is.
SultanPepper: Now I need a stone on the E file, if I want an EW road
rabbitboy84: Now, I feel I should d5-.
rabbitboy84: I can flat e3, but then you can just e4 in response.
Syme: No, flat f3 is just fine
rabbitboy84: sorry, f3
Syme: Then cap down
rabbitboy84: I think I overthink captures too much.
rabbitboy84: Or maybe give threats more power than they actually have.
rabbitboy84: Now, is f4 a good response to that?
SultanPepper: I'm having doubts about the EW road panning out
rabbitboy84: Still gives you a tempo of 2.
rabbitboy84: But it's a weak threat.
SultanPepper: I'd take f2 ofer f4
rabbitboy84: Ok, it is more consolidated.
Syme: White kinda has to hold on to it, otherwise black has faster tempo to build an own
Syme: White cap> can also do things
Syme: Some time in the future
Syme: Sometime*
rabbitboy84: I like that move.
rabbitboy84: Starts another N/S and cuts into my E/W.
rabbitboy84: And hints at another E/W avenue for white.
SultanPepper: The longer I hang on to the EW road, the more time I give you to set up your own road
Syme: Me too, nice one!
rabbitboy84: Right now, I feel if I don't get something on A/B, I won't have enough of a presence there.
SultanPepper: yep
rabbitboy84: b3 is my first thought.
SultanPepper: I like b5
Syme: I would anyway
timerot: b3 is the best for tempo, but b5 is playing into more open space
SultanPepper: My cap can move up to b3 and cut off b3
Syme: B5, otherwise white is free to build a two way road
rabbitboy84: I noticed something the other day watching Doodles play.
rabbitboy84: I tend to put my flats right in the thick of things.
SultanPepper: hm I like a5 or c5
SultanPepper: c5 is a little too close to you cap.
rabbitboy84: He will place his where the road is going, not where it is.
Syme: Thanks for sharing the update BenWo!
rabbitboy84: a4 is my first thought.
rabbitboy84: I like a capture here.
rabbitboy84: b5-.
rabbitboy84: b6 is another thought.
Syme: I'd say not yet, c5 is still fine to me
rabbitboy84: Wait until he places b5?
Syme: Yeah
rabbitboy84: Sorry..b6
rabbitboy84: Not used to 6x6.
SultanPepper: since I'm not in tak next turn, I'll stay on the offense
rabbitboy84: I like a4+ here.
rabbitboy84: Or b5-
Syme: I kinda like c3- here 'cause the other options invite a wall to be played and take back many flats
SultanPepper: I'm tempted to play c2+
Syme: Or spread over man*
SultanPepper: or Sb5
rabbitboy84: I have about 10 minutes.
rabbitboy84: We didn't get as far as I thought :)
rabbitboy84: Of course, we didn't start quite on time, either.
SultanPepper: It still works as a test run
rabbitboy84: Agreed.
rabbitboy84: I like it.
rabbitboy84: Any thoughts from you onlookers?
rabbitboy84: Worth doing? Maybe with Discord or some platform like that?
SultanPepper: I'm going to have to head out as well
SultanPepper: like now.
rabbitboy84: :)
Syme: I liked cap up even better for white
SultanPepper: but gg
rabbitboy84: I enjoyed it!
rabbitboy84: Thanks for participating!
Syme: Liked it, too!
rabbitboy84: Add comments to the thread on r/tak and we'll get some other participants going.
rabbitboy84: fwwwwibib is game after the holidays.
Syme: Probably gonna do so:)

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