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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Tak Emblem

Above is my emblem for Tak. I came up with it while designing my newest Tak board. If the winter is cold enough (read: I have enough time by the fire) I plan to burn this into each white stone and inlay copper wire into each black piece. Ambitious much?

The emblem came about while breaking in my new fountain pen and handwriting some Tak theories (read: my wife and kids were out of town and...I'm a nerd). It started out as the "T" in Tak and then evolved into a kind of personal logo for the game.

Others may see additional things in the symbol...but, to me:

It represents the building and interrupting of roads. I view it as ambiguous; either the "/" line is a road that is interrupted by the "~" (maybe by a stack spread), or the "/" are walls/flats ready to sever the "~" road.

It shows that different styles all have a place in the Tak universe. From direct to circuitous, angular to fluid, experimental vs tried and true.

I also see it as a reminder and a warning. The "~" is the wind finding cracks in...well, everything. So, no matter how good I get, my strategies and human nature will always have chinks in them. Likewise, no matter how good my opponent is, their strategies suffer the same fate and I always have a chance.

But, whatever else you see in the symbol, hopefully you find it to be simple yet elegant and beautiful, just like Tak.

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