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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Puzzle #7: Black to play. What move can black make to avoid Tinue?

This was a very well played game that I watched most of last night. Black did a wonderful job spotting and avoiding Tinue attempts by white. This is one such example.

Two questions;  What is white's Tinue move next turn....and....How can black avoid it?

Note:  Looks like I trimmed the game a bit too much. Please arrow forward to get to the right board state. White's move should be Sc2.


  1. My overall goal is to lock whites cap into the a1 corner.

    I would move A1 to B1 and then place a wall at A1. Then jump B3 down to B1.

    1. Though locks and pins are an important part of Tak strategy, I think you would have trouble pulling this one off, as most players are wary of moving their capstones to the edge of the board unless they have a very powerful play in mind. And Black would have to give up a powerful deputy stack to jump to b1.

      a1> is one of the very few moves available to Black to avoid Tinue on the next turn.

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