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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mastering Tak: Level I -- Walkthroughs

Below are the 2 games that I did in depth analyses on in my first book. Like my puzzles, these are interactive frames taken from Craig Laparo's PTN Ninja (, so you can not only navigate between moves but actually take the game from any board state and explore different options. If you are unfamiliar with how to use his software or would like to make a donation, click on the menu button on the top left of and select "About PTN Ninja".

As always, I am open to suggestions regarding the content of my blogs, puzzles, and (now) book! So, let me know if you want me to explore a certain topic or if you have a board state that you would like a puzzle made from.

Thank you for your purchase!

Email me (, post a comment here, or PM me on r/tak or Discord (rabbitboy84) with any ideas/questions/concerns/etc.

Game 1

Game 2

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