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Friday, June 23, 2017

Physical Book vs. Kindle

Dear wonderful readers,

I have gotten some requests to make an eBook version of Mastering Tak available. I am happy to do this, but I wanted to give you advanced warning that the quality of the ebook will not be that of the printed one. This has to do with the way that the publishing software formats my uploaded document. I do not have the expertise to reformat my book for cross-platform flexibility nor the money to hire it out. So, here are some examples of both the printed vs the eBook incarnations:

As you can see, the eBook version does not support some of my font choices and page layouts.

Kindle/eBooks are amazingly portable and instantly available. And, I am not trying to discourage you from enjoying my book in the way that you prefer; I just want everyone to go in with eyes open.

Mastering Tak:  Level I Kindle Edition

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